The Ranchlands Community Association relies on volunteers to keep things running smoothly; from beautification projects in the neighbourhood to supervising activities at an event, there are so many ways you can assist the RCA!


If you are interested in any of the below volunteer opportunities, please reach out to the office at to find out more information.

Volunteer Gardeners are the amazing individuals who will help design, plant and maintain flower beds at the Ranchlands Sign and around the Community Association building. This seasonal position is flexible (can be completed whenever you have the time!) and only requires about 2 hours a week (will be reduced once we get things whipped into shape!). Volunteers must provide their own gardening tools / equipment however consumable supplies will be provided as required.
This is a great opportunity to have some input in the planning, design and aesthetic of these flower beds as you will work directly with a member of the RCA Board of Directors!

This is a flexible position, estimated at 2 hours/week initially (until we get things whipped into shape) however you must be able to supply your own tools.

Volunteer Landscapers are the dedicated people who will help keep the grounds around the community association building looking spiffy by cutting the grass when the city falls a bit behind. This seasonal position is flexible (can be completed whenever you have the time!) and only requires about 2 hours every 2 weeks. Lawn mower and whipper snipper are available on site.

This is a flexible position, estimated at 2 hours every 2 weeks and tools are available on site.

Ranchlands Food Pantry

Food Pantry Volunteers are the fantastic helpers who assist with the Ranchlands Food Pantry (RFP)! This position includes tasks such as monitoring our pantry inventory and recommending re-supply, organizing the pantry and putting away new donations, checking expiration dates as well as building food hampers and care packages when requests are received based on the size of the family, ages and any dietary restrictions. 

This is an indoor position taking place on Wednesdays from 11:00 to Noon.

To sign up for a shift, please click here.



Program Host
Program Hosts are one of our most vital volunteer positions! These incredible people are responsible for helping the RCA run recurring programming, such as our toddler play group.
Program Hosts complete any set up and tear down required (based upon needs of program) and act as a liaison between the program and the RCA to communicate any needs for equipment, supplies or funding. Hosts also have a key role in developing the program scope and activities for attendees. This is a year round, fixed position with exact hours and frequency depending on individual program needs.
These roles can also be split between two people so if you and a friend are both interested, it is definitely possible to share the role!

The programs and groups that we run are based on community feedback and availability of Program Hosts, so if you have an idea for a new program or group and you are willing to be the Program Host, please get in touch and we very likely make it happen!

Committee Member
Committee Members are residents who want to help the RCA on an administrative or financial level, plan events or help shape the future of Ranchlands, without the time commitment of joining the board of directors.

Committee’s are tasked with a sole function or purpose, like planning a Stampede Breakfast or tackling the planning and fundraising of the Ranchero Park Redevelopment project.

If you have an interest in joining a committee, please reach out for more details as responsibilities and time commitments vary based on the committee.

Board of Directors
The Ranchlands Board of Directors is made up of 7 dedicated volunteers (four executive officers and 3 directors at large) who are elected in November to serve a one year term. This is one of the most time consuming (but also most gratifying) roles for a volunteer to tackle, as these are the people who plan our events, manage the building, liaison with the different levels of government representatives (as well as the Calgary Police and other city departments) and apply for grants and funding through different charities, organisations and government programs.

Directors on the board will need to commit to at attending one board meeting per month (2 hours per meeting) in addition to being the lead planner on one event, assistant planner on one event and acting as lead on one grant application. On average, a monthly time commitment of approx 5-10 hours would be expected, though it could be more if you took on more projects.

Executive Officer positions (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) are a greater time commitment as they are responsible for the same tasks as Directors, in addition to any role specific tasks such as the Secretary managing communications and meeting minutes or the Treasurer balancing the budget.

If you are interested in running for election to the RCA Board of Directors, please get in touch with the office at for more information.

This position does require you to be at least 18 years of age, to live in the community and to hold a valid RCA membership. It is a fixed one year term.

Do you have specific skills or experience that you would like to put to use to benefit your community? Whether you are a certified trades person, have experience in things like accounting or journalism or maybe want to build some resume experience to compliment your schooling or certification; the RCA always has extra tasks and wish-lists on the go that we could use help on. As a registered charity and a big advocate for local businesses, we are always looking for ways to improve our community while supporting our residents and their businesses, whether through a partnership, an advertising opportunity or other agreement.

We would love to hear from you, especially if you are:

  • Musician / band / DJ
  • Muralist or artist
  • Children’s entertainer
  • Trades person (of any discipline)
  • Party / event supplier
  • Marketing professional