What is YOUR vision for Ranchlands?

We want to hear from YOU on how we can make Ranchlands an even better place to live work and play!  As a first step, If you received a TIMN postcard, you can return it to the Community Hall mailbox or you can submit your responses on the TIMN Ranchlands website.  If you didn’t receive a postcard, please visit the TIMN Ranchlands website to participate.  After you submit your responses, stay connected by taking an opportunity to sign-up for email updates on this program. There is also an opportunity to join a community advisory group who will work very closely with The City on bringing This is My Neighbourhood to life in Ranchlands.

This is My Neighbourhood

Exciting News!  Ranchlands has been selected to participate in The City’s This is my neighbourhood (TIMN) program.  Last year, The City of Calgary delivered more than 100 programs, services and small-scale improvement projects to 14 communities. Projects ranged from building a fit park, to adding family-friendly Park n’ Play programming options, to developing pedestrian pathway maps.  Now The City of Calgary wants to hear from YOU on how we can make Ranchlands an even better place to live, work and play!  Please visit our website, Facebook page, Twitter feed and the Ranchlands Roundup for ongoing information.


Address: 7713 Ranchview Dr NW, Calgary, AB T3G 2B3 Phone: (403) 241-0335 Email: ranchlandscommunity@outlook.com