At the corner of Ranchlands Blvd and Ranchero Drive NW on the west side of Ranchlands lies Ranchero
Park. It has been a park that has been in existence since the 1970’s when the community was first
developed. Over the years many have used this park to develop social skills, learn about nature, relax
and increase one’s health, create community and experience adventures

Redevelopment of the Park

Over the decades the park has been well utilized but we feel its now time to ensure that greater use is
made of the park. The play equipment has gotten older and there are greater opportunities for redesign
and reallocation of space. We desire for the residents of Ranchlands to be empowered to improve their
quality of life and environment.

Envisioning of the newly developed park

  • A place for all ages to enjoy as we desire to enhance the park visitor’s experience
  • A better and more effective pathway system
  • Better utilization of the sports playing fields
  • Newer and more modern playground for the children to enjoy and have fun on

We need your input to the survey link below to ensure that we design the park according to the voice of
the Ranchlands community. An Architect has been hired and will help us turn your ideas for the park
into a concept plan that can be built by the community. Thank you very much. We look forward to
receiving your input.



Download Flyer Here