Ranchero FAQ

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) for Ranchero Park

The desire is that Ranchlands be a place that is: Accessible, Active, Beautiful, Clean, Connected, Diverse, Family friendly, Healthy, Inclusive, Safe and Walkable.     

History: In the years 2017 and 2018 the City of Calgary worked with community residents in developing better communities through an initiative called, “This is my Neighbourhood” (TIMN).  A plan for revitalizing parks and open spaces called Re-imaging Ranchlands was created.  A report was published in March 2019 providing detailed conclusions and information about the findings and ways and methods on how to best move forwards.  Out of this plan came the project of Ranchero Park Redevelopment.

Ranchero Park:

Is one of the biggest parks in Ranchlands covering about 7.5 hectares.  It is a popular regional destination because of soccer pitches, baseball pitches, mature trees, pathways and a playground and has tons of potential for being a great park.  It is presently not set-up to be as well utilized as it could be.

Some of the present challenges are:

        • Playground is at its end of use lifecycle and needs modernizing.
        • Accessibility challenges: There is difficulty in accessing the park.
        • Parking is very limited.
        • Connectivity: there are no paved pathways, walking paths around the sports fields or bisecting the park.

Vision of the redeveloped Ranchero Park

        • to see all season use and for the place to be inclusive. We desire to have a park that is multi-generational, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural.
        • desire to have place for different ages and abilities.
        • for adults, kids and dogs to have easy spaces to be together.
        • pathways are to be safe, secure and well maintained.
        • a place for community connection. A place where people can gather, spend time together and create lasting memories.

Ranchero Park Redevelopment Committee Work:

In October 2019 there was a call out for volunteers to become involved in a redevelopment committee of Ranchero Park.  This group is responsible for overseeing the start of the project and creating awareness. It takes an army to do a project like this so the committee is always looking for more help.

Finances for the park redevelopment:

Once a cost estimate of how much it will be to redevelop the park and figuring out how the project will be made into different phases fundraising initiatives will begin.  There are endless possibilities of how to raise the needed funds such as casinos, individuals, corporate giving and sponsorships, grants and events.  There will be lots of opportunities to show your support of this initiative and we look forward to providing you with updates. Please note no financial support is being excepted at this time.

Why is community engagement important?

The committee desires for the residents of the Ranchlands community to have meaningful participation in providing opportunities to have a voice on how their space is utilized and what happens in our community. They desire for all who live and work in the community to feel that they are an important and valuable part of the neighbourhood.