Our Board of Directors

The RCA is led by a group of 7 volunteers who make up the Ranchlands Board of Directors. 

Each and every one of them lives in our fantastic community and volunteered to join the board to help make a difference. They are the ones responsible for making decisions about the programming and events we run, the repairs made to our community association building and even can be found tackling odd jobs like cutting the grass around the hall, painting over some graffiti or weeding our flower beds.   

There isn’t a lot that this amazing team won’t take on (if they have the time!) so we are proud to introduce you to the 2022/2023 Ranchlands Board Of Directors

Anita Raffaele


Ranchlander since 2013

Board Member since 2020

After falling in love with the mature trees and open green spaces of Ranchlands, Anita and her family moved into the community and instantly felt at home. Having grown up in a neighborhood with an active and engaged Community Association, Anita looked forward to taking her own child to community events so he could have the same kinds of memories. In 2019, Anita decided to volunteer with the RCA as a program host and loved feeling like she was contributing so in 2020 she joined the Board of Directors as Vice President.
Anita’s background in Procurement means she brings professional experience in purchasing, project bid analysis, and cost control.

Nadine Bird

Vice President

Ranchlander since 2016

Board Member since 2019

Laurie Lin


Ranchlander since 

Board Member since 2022

Sharon Blackwell


Ranchlander since 1987

Board Member since 2022

Jessica Brander


Ranchlander since 2022

Board Member since 2022

A newer resident to Ranchlands, Jessica love’s the walkability of our community. After meeting so many friendly and welcoming people, she decided to join the board to contribute to the neighborhood and bring some fresh ideas and creativity to the RCA.