Our Board of Directors

The RCA is led by a group of 7 volunteers who make up the Ranchlands Board of Directors. 

Each and every one of them lives in our fantastic community and volunteered to join the board to help make a difference. They are the ones responsible for making decisions about the programming and events we run, the repairs made to our community association building and even can be found tackling odd jobs like cutting the grass around the hall, painting over some graffiti or weeding our flower beds.   

There isn’t a lot that this amazing team won’t take on (if they have the time!) so we are proud to introduce you to the 2022/2023 Ranchlands Board Of Directors

Anita Raffaele


We Asked Her…

What made you want to join the board?

I saw joining the board as an opportunity to contribute to my neighborhood in a meaningful way.

What is something you LOVE about Ranchlands?

Ranchlands has everything a person could want, right in our own backyard.

What do you hope to achieve while on the board?

I look forward to meeting and working with my neighbors, learning some new skills and helping our community put it’s best foot forward.

Tell us something interesting about you.

I’m a bit obsessed with baking. I love coming up with interesting flavour combinations for cupcakes and occasionally will spend a weekend making and decorating a big cake just for the fun of it.

Nadine Bird


We asked her…

What made you want to join the board?

To make a difference in my community!

Something you LOVE about our community?

The friendships I have made!

What gets your excited when thinking about volunteering?

Connecting and meeting new people in the community.

Something about your experience and how it applies?

I have worked in administration for 7 years.

Melanie Grier


We Asked Her…

What made you want to join the board?

I’ve lived in Ranchlands for nearly five years and enjoy raising my family here. I wanted to give back to the community that we belong to and find opportunities to connect with the wonderful people who live here.

Something FUN about you?

Everyone in my family has a first name that starts with “M.” Yes, even the pets.

Something you LOVE about Calgary?

The people! The City of Calgary isn’t just a municipality, it’s a community. I love the creativity, innovativeness, and resiliency of the people in this city. I am honoured to call Calgary home.

What gets you excited when thinking about volunteering?

How happy it makes me! Volunteering brings out the best in people and I love connecting with others who volunteer. I’ve made so many great friends through my volunteer work. I always feel rejuvenated after I’ve spent some time volunteering.

Christina Bain


We Asked Her…

What made you want to join the board?

I’ve volunteered the last few years at various events and wanted to get more involved. I hope that I can bring some can do spirit and new ideas.

What's something that you love about Calgary?

That it still feels like a community not just a city and that during the tough times we all really pull together.

What do you hope to achieve on the board?

First and foremost, learning how a community association board works as well as being a conduit for those in the community who have suggestions and concerns that they want heard by the RCA. I would like to bring a focus to our natural areas and the conservation of them as well as how we could incorporate more small scale urban biodiversity projects within the community.

Sabrina Savage


We Asked Her…

What made you want to join the board?

Ranchlands is a hidden gem of a community! I’m a proud resident and am eager to contribute to the growth of our beautiful and diverse neighbourhood.

What gets you excited when thinking about volunteering?

I am excited by opportunities to make and foster authentic connections between people, and share a little joy and laughter.

Something FUN about you

I love trying new things and having adventures – from getting on the back of a prized Stampede bull to exploring salt mines in Peru, there are so many lenses to look through!

Something about your experience and how it applies?

I have worked in Community Development and Health Promotion for over a decade with a formal background in Community Studies and Mental Health.