The Grumbletoes crashed his Royal Rind Lord Gourdsworth’s party at the Ranchlands Community Hall and scared everyone away!

Scattered out into the community, our little pumpkin pals are lost and looking for a friendly Ranchlanders to bring them home. Thankfully we have some clues on where they might be!

To show our gratitude, each person who rescues one of our missing pumpkin pals and brings him back to the hall will be rewarded with a gift card!

His Royal Rindness, Lord Gourdsworth

Location: Found checking out the Ranchlands Entrance Sign on Ranchlands Blvd


When people think of me, the most Royal Rind Lord Gourdsworth, they think of a very regal pumpkin with an unmistakeable charm when I make my royal entrance. I come from a long line of pumpkin royalty and I am so honoured to be monumentally loved by my entire pumpkin patch.
I have heard my loyal pumpkin subjects have all been recovered and I long to join them. Please take me to my pumpkin peeps.


Location: Found at the Icecream Playground and returned to the hall!


Help. My name is Pie and I am a cheerful pumpkin known for my love of all sweet things. I have a dream of opening an ice cream stand in a cute park serving delicious pumpkin pie favoured ice cream.

Please bring me back home.


Location: Discovered on hill behind St Rita’s, taking in some history about the community


Hello Ranchlanders – Jack here. I am probably one of the few pumpkins that like the snow because I am wired to like a good hill. And as you can see I am slightly buried in a blanket of that white stuff. I usually can be found at the top of many a hill whiling away the hours reminiscing about the past or daydreaming or waiting for some winter hill action to begin.
You are welcome to come join me but dress warm.


Location: Found catching up on a good book at the Ranchero Drive Little Library and escorted to the community association!


Nice to meet you! My name is Squashy and while my pumpkin pals say I’m quiet, I just love settling down with a good book. My favorite are ghost stories (even though they scare the seeds out of me sometimes!) but as long as I’m cozy and warm inside, I can handle it. Even with the snow, I’m doing ok, but I wouldn’t mind a little company (and maybe a hot chocolate!!!!)


Location: Found resting under a tree in Wildflower Park and hanging out with some new friends before heading home


My name is Patches. I have nestled down on a bed of pine needles. I am the artistic one of our group. I love to paint wildflowers. I am almost always found somewhere with a paint brush in hand.
Please find me.

Sir Squashalot

Location: Found practicing his backhand at the Ranchlands Tennis Courts and taking a breather before coming back to the hall.


Hi Sir. Squashalot here. As you can see I am buried under a mound of leaves. Creates a bit of problem as my pumpkin friends rely on me to be of service to them and our pumpkin community and I am always the one that can rally the troops for a good cause.
But here I am somewhere in Ranchlands far away I think from everyone I know.
Please come get me and take me to the Ranchlands Community Cente.


Location: Returned to the hall after being released from the penalty box at the Ranchlands Rink


Hi Ranchlanders! My name is Pumpkinator and I am an adrenaline junkie! My friends say I have ice in my veins, which is great because of all the extreme sports I love to do. But I do enjoy taking a time out from time to time to sip some pumpkin spiced latte.

Can anyone find me?


Location: Returned to the hall from the Ranchero Green playground


Ok Ranchlanders. My name is Cinder. I was catapulted in true Cinder globetrotter style to this island in Ranchlands. I like island life – good reason to get away from the traffic of a busy city. 

But between you and me, I am afraid I will be kidnapped. Calling out to all – if you see me please take me back to the RCA metropolis. My travelling companions need me.


Location: Last seen hunkered down under the bleachers at Ranchero Ball Diamond but still missing!


Hi. My name is Autumn and I am cold. I love the Fall and being in a big park with mature trees turning vibrant autumn hues. I have enjoyed seeing all the pretty leaves in Ranchlands but alas this season seems to be nearing to an end. I hear that snow could be around the corner and while the flakes are also pretty and look like glistening diamonds I do not look forward to being out here as autumn turns to winter.
Please get me to somewhere warm.


Location: Plucked from the Ranchlands Community Garden at Westview Baptist Church and safely taken to the RCA to check out our kitchen!


Hello Ranchlanders. I am Spice. I am the cooking expert of all the loveable pumpkins. I am known for my garden to table mouth watering dishes and desserts. I am the pumpkin always cooking up for my community. 


Even though I am a spicey Spice, I am noticing that the sun is going down and it is getting a bit chilly. Can someone come rescue me….please.