Ranchlands’ natural parks may be small, but there is so much to see. We will explore a small park with breezy fescue grasslands, city vistas, aspen woodlands and remnants of glaciation. As we wander, we will learn about common birds and vegetation in the park as hear a little bit of the history of the Ranchlands community. This walk will be appropriate for all ages. Please wear sturdy footwear as the route is on uneven ground. Also, please bring a pencil as we will have an activity card to fill out en route. This walk is approximately 1.5km.

Please pre-register for this Jane’s Walk at the button below and you will receive the details for this walk. Walk leaders will be checking registration at the start of the walk. Pre-registration is non-transferrable and only saves one space for the person registered. Please do not share this invitation with others, each attendee must pre-register.

Quadrant: NW
Walk Duration: 1.25
Areas of Interest: History, Environment, Neighbourhoods
Led By: Veronica Crane and Tanya Yeomans, Ranchlands Community Association Volunteers
Walk Accessibility: Uneven Terrain Fun For Kids Breaks Offered Along The Way
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