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Please join us on Tuesday March 22nd and Wednesday March 23rd for our casino fundraiser!

This event is usually held once every 18-24 months and is the main source of income to help keep our building up and running.  Funds raised from a casino event will help us with upgrades such as our furnace/heating, indoor painting, kitchen upgrade, etc. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we have been unable to hold one since 2019, so this event is vital to refilling our coffers.

There is a few different positions you can volunteer for. You are also free to work two shifts but please note the AGLC requires everyone working multiple shifts to hold the same position (for example, if you are a cashier on Wednesday and want to volunteer again on Thursday- you have to also be a cashier) Shifts vary based on the position you volunteer for, but overall

Complete training happens for all shifts when you arrive, so no worries if you haven’t ever volunteered at a casino fundraiser. Shift Descriptions are as follows:

  • General Manager – responsible for overall continuity of casino – makes sure all volunteers arrive and if not, finds replacements; Fills any position as necessary to facilitate breaks, if needed;
  • Banker – controls all cash and chip inventories.  Uses PC.
  • Cashier – redeems players chips for cash.
  • Chip Runner – delivers chips from the Banker to the game tables and records chip inventories with the gaming floor employees.
  • Count Room Staff – sorts, counts and records money using count machines and PC’s.
  • Back-up – is literally that – they could be called very last minute and would be expected to show up.

All volunteers receive a complimentary meal, drinks & snacks during your shift.  Feel free to sign up with a friend or a spouse – it is a lot of fun!  For more information, call our Office (403-241-0335) or email us.

Location: Pure Casino: 1420 Meridian Rd NE, Calgary, AB T2A 2N9

Sign up as a volunteer!