WHEN: Saturday June 13 starts at 11:30 (must register online to claim a timeslot)
WHERE: The Ranchlands Community Centre (7713 Ranchview DR NW)

What is the Seedling/Flower Handout?!

The RCA will be handing out seedlings/flowers for you to plant on your property, take care of and watch grow!

There is a limited number of seedlings/flowers available (if there is demand we will try to get more) and it is limited to one per a household.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to it being so late in the season these may be more mature flowers than true seedlings. We are still in the collection phase and are doing what we can.

In order to maintain social distancing, and track how many seedlings are claimed, you must register at the link below. Please pick a open time slot that works for you, we cannot open more slots per a time thus once it is filled it is filled.


How the time slots work…
– Arrive within your time slot and check in with the check in table.
– You will then be directed to line up at the seedling tables
– Please keep your distance at all times
– Once you have your seedling please head out as we will have another wave of people coming in behind you.

THANK YOU to Crowfoot Lowes for helping us get our hands on so many flowers! We couldn’t have reached as many people without your help!